Monday, November 18, 2013


It was less than 10 seconds after I hit post on my last blog post here before I got a call from Toni (our caseworker at AGCI).  She said that things looked great with our dossier, but there was one change that needed to be made.  Grrrr.

Apparently the asset amount in our financial statement was drastically different from what was listed in our homestudy.  It looks like our case worker with WIA didn't include our home in our asset amount when writing our homestudy.  So!  I just emailed him about changing it.  If he is able to do that without changing the layout of the page (no words are bumped to the next page) then he should be able to fax it to AGCI and they can just swap out that page in the homestudy (and then we'll have to do the same with the document we're sending to immigration and in our file).  Otherwise, we'll have to have all new copies of the full homestudy printed, re-notarized, and re-mailed out.

Honestly.  Lame.  If I wasn't feeling down earlier I sure am now.  I hope that Josh with WIA gets back to me soon with that quick update.


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