Monday, November 4, 2013

Immigration papers submitted!

I just got back from mailing USCIS their paperwork (and the $890 in associated fees).  Wahoo!  I have to admit that it was a little strange having the teller make a cashier's check out to the 'Department of Homeland Securtiy'...but it felt good to make another concrete step!  Plus I found out that WAI submitted one notarized copy of our homestudy directly to AGCI, but just forgot to update the form cover letter - so we're all squared away with the homestudy too!

That soon as we have our photos back to submit with our dossier, that we will send that in!  Once revisions (if any) are done then we will FINALLY be able to begin the waiting process.  After 13 months of doing the paper chase, we are sooo ready to start the waiting game.

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