Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dossier submitted today!!!

I'm not sure that I can explain how excited I am that after months of paperwork, we finally submitted our completed dossier today!  Our first application to AGCI was 13 months (and 2 days) ago, and from there began the paper chase.  Speed bumps getting accepted to the agency, wait time nearly doubling, homestudy documents and classes, concurrent with months of compiling documents for our dossier.  Here are the papers:

After getting our photos compiled, and triple checking that we had all our documents there and in order...I wrote a big fat check, put it in the envelope and took it to UPS.  I had the UPS lady take a picture of me with my packet before handing it over (luckily she was really nice about it):

Wahoo!!!  I sent it with 2 day delivery so it would be there before the weekly dossier review day (Friday).  It will actually arrive in Oregon at AGCI on the same day that our immigration paperwork will arrive in Texas with USCIS.  Anyway!  Our caseworker said that 98% of dossier packets require at least some revisions, but I'm crossing my fingers that we'll somehow fall into that 2% so we can get on that waitlist.  Either way...it's sent, it's sent!  Hurray!

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