Monday, November 18, 2013

Not the news I was hoping for.

It's been 12 days since our agency received our dossier and I have STILL not heard if it was approved yet.  Since our case worker said that she would let us know as soon as she was able to review it, I've tried not to harass her, but I'm feeling so anxious.

So!  When I got a big envelope in the mail today I was hoping that perhaps she's sent us the good news via mail.  Nope.  It was our application to immigration being denied and sent back because we "filed an outdated version of the (I-600A) form".  Arrgh.  So, we have to re-do those forms and mail it with new cashiers checks and supporting documents.

It's just a speed-bump, not a crisis, yet it somehow stung worse since I was hoping to see the good news that we were waitlisted...and instead it was just more paperwork that needs to be done.  I feel so discouraged and sad right now.

I guess I'll drive up to Mark's work so he can print the new forms for me and I'll try to get everything done and back in the mail today.  *sigh*

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