Friday, October 18, 2013

Trying to wrap up the homestudy

So, our caseworker with WIA submitted our written homestudy to AGCI for approval (pending receipt of my BCI) two weeks ago today.  As far as that stinking BCI (background check) goes...apparently my first one was rejected because one of the fingerprints wasn't done properly.  So another set of fingerprints had to be submitted and we just have to wait for that official all clear to come in saying I'm not a criminal.  After AGCI received our reviewed it and sent revisions that need to be done.  Some of which included:
  • Our case worker needing to verify birth certificates for all of our children (and adoption decree for Noah).
  • A written statement from us including various specifics on discipline tactics we won't use.  (For punishment we will not withhold food, require strenuous excercise, use mechanical or chemical restrains...and all sorts of other awful things.  Sad they even have to include those things.)
  • State that our fire evacuation plan is posted somewhere in our home.
  • State that our firearm is located separate from ammunition (duh).
  • And verify my brother's income (since he and his wife are designated as guardians of our children should something happen to both Mark and I).  Asking your brothers income - that's not awkward.
ANYWAY!  We've got this list done except that we haven't posted our evacuation plan yet, and for the life of me I can't find Max's birth certificate.  I've got the rest together, but if I cannot find Max's then I'll have to order another one from Nevada.  Of course this is ironic because...I WAS JUST NOTIFIED A FEW MINUTES AGO THAT MY BCI JUST CAME IN!  I'm so happy to hear that!  However, that means the ball is back in our court and things will move super fast finishing up the homestudy, getting papers sent in to immigration, and finishing up the dossier as soon as I can prove that Max actually belongs to us.  *sigh*

We just want to get this paper chase done (for now) and actually start the waiting process!!  It's  been exactly one year and two weeks since we started this paperwork and we just want to get things moving closer to bringing our baby girl home.  Such a long wait ahead of us still...

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