Thursday, October 3, 2013


I know that relative to other problems with international adoptions this is just a snag, but I'm feeling frustrated...and this is where I get to vent!  When Mark hand delivered all our remaining documents for our homestudy we were told that everything was in.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear that (meaning that our BCI was in), but I emailed just to verify that was indeed true.  I got an email back stating that yes everything including our BCI was in.  I was later told that our homestudy should be complete within 2 weeks.  I was a little disappointed that it would take so long once everything was in, but I went with it.

Well, I just emailed to follow up on things and now I'm being told (this is all by WAI) that our BCI is actually not in!  What the what?!  Then I was told that whenever they get our BCI in that it will be 2 weeks after that before our homestudy will be done being written.  I wrote a civil, but firm email back explaining my frustrations and my concern about our pending deadline with our other agency.  Plus we still have to submit paperwork to USCIS (immigration) and request their federal fingerprinting - and that can't be done until we have a certified copy of our homestudy.  The latter process can take several weeks (up to 6 if I remember correctly).  Our deadline is November 16th...6 weeks from now.

So, I just barely got an email from our caseworker saying he double checked and our BCI is indeed not back yet (why was I told it was in the first place??), but that he'd work on a draft for the homestudy today anyway.  I guess that's good, but I'm feeling frustrated that we're just waiting on some stupid document stating that Mark and I aren't criminals.  And why is it taking so long.  It makes me wonder if our paperwork sat on a desk at the agency for a long time before they filed it.  Considering the recent mistakes I wouldn't be surprised.  I'm not feeling too impressed with this agency right now, but we're kind of bound to them at this point.  Not only with the homestudy, but we've already pre-paid for our three post placement assessments too.

Oh!  And I should mention that today marks exactly one year from the day that we turned in our application for adoption to AGCI and began this paper chase.  On that note, here's to hoping we get that document soon.

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