Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thrown a bone.

I had my scheduled phone call with my case worker Toni on Monday (they are every other week).  Most of the conversation wasn't worth recounting, but one thing she told me helped me to feel a tad bit better.  I was worried about things taking so long to get this homestudy wrapped up with us still needing to get all of our things done with immigration (which can take up to 6 weeks, I believe) in order to hit our November 16th deadline with the agency.  She told me that once the homestudy is done that we can finalize the rest of the dossier and only have to show proof that we have send our paperwork in to USCIS in order to be waitlisted.  Whew!  I thought we had to have that back before we could finalize and submit our dossier.

So!  I do need to compile our photos and get passport pictures taken, but we're really just waiting on that BCI to get our homestudy complete and see if we need any revisions on it or our dossier and we're going to FINALLY be offically waiting! 

Sigh of relief.

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