Friday, October 4, 2013

Follow up.

Since I did some griping earlier, I have to give a bit of credit to our case worker at WAI.  While I am still frustrated to be waiting on our BCI (probably not their fault), and I am even more frustrated at being told that it was in when it wasn' least our case worker agreed to write up a draft of our homestudy pending the receipt of that last little document.  And instead of taking 2 weeks to write it up, he did it today.  Yup, I got it today (so why exactly was that going to take an additional 2 weeks after we receive our BCI?)  Anyway!  I spent the last couple of hours editing it and, taking some notes, and making a few changes.  I just sent him off those revisions now and will be curious what he has to say.  I am pleased that we're able to at least get things in place so we can go ahead and just quickly certify things when the documents we're waiting on we can move on to the next technicality before submitting our dossier for translation.

Oh, how I want this paper chase to be done and to at least know that our wait has even BEGUN.  Hurry up and wait, right?

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