Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Phone call and spilling the beans

So, today we had our first scheduled phone call with our caseworker Toni (with AGCI).  It was just a nuts and bolts kind of phone call.  We didn't go over much that we didn't already know, but it helped us to go over everything that needs to happen with our home study and dossier over the next few months.  I must say that condensing everything we need to accomplish in just the next 4-5 months into a 45 minute conversation was a bit overwhelming, but we weren't surprised by anything.

We also scheduled our first home study visit and interview for this Tuesday!  Our caseworker with WIA is Joshua and he seems like he has a good handle on things.  It is exciting to be making big, concrete steps forward like this!

I also have to mention that on Sunday night we had a get together with my whole family before my brother Matt and SIL Katie moved to California the next morning.  We decided that we wanted to tell the rest of our families about the journey we've embarked upon and I wanted to tell my family before they left...SO we told them at our little get together.  People were excited and it was fun to just be able to talk about it.  We were clear about how long this process will be, but also about how excited we are.  As a side note it's been fun to see all the neat things my mom has pinned on to her pinterest board titled "Sweet Little Girl (Dreaming of our Ethiopian Granddaughter)"  That meant a lot to me.

We've been trying to get a hold of Mark's siblings to tell them, but no success yet.  Exciting stuff!

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