Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Baby steps

So I was up until almost 2 am last night working on paperwork, then I was up at 6:30 to get myself showered and all 3 boys ready and out the door before 9:00 when we needed to be to the police station getting my fingerprints done.  It's sad when you feel like you've just run a marathon by the time you leave the house at 9:00 am...and things are just starting.

Mark met me at the police station to do fingerprints.  He had already gone into work that morning to do paperwork.  He had actually blocked out the first half of this day as an administrative day to catch up on paperwork, so that was the only reason we were able to pack all of these business-hour-only items in today.  Anyway!  I must say that the best part of the fingerprinting was the scrub we got to use to wash the ink off our hands afterwards.  My hands are feeling pretty darn smooth now.

Then we rushed to Ogden to WIA for a meeting with our caseworker.  He talked with the boys, did our couple interview, and then scheduled a time for Mark to come in and do his individual interview.  The boys were pretty good - it was cute to see them answer questions and chat with Josh, but eventually they got really comfortable and then the arguing and getting into things started (followed by a poopy diaper and then goldfish crackers smashed into the carpet).  They were a handful and it felt good to get everyone situated in their respective seats back in the van when we were done.

Then it was off to the Driver's License Division.  Yeah!  *insert sarcasm*  Just one of those things we've been procrastinating.  We figured that we probably should get a Utah Driver's License since we've lived here nearly 2 years and we're asking Utah (and Arizona where we're currently licensed) to do a state background check on us.

We quickly filled out the forms while the boys ran back and forth (drove me nuts), helped each other reach the drinking fountain (ew), and potty breaks became necessary.  Once papers were done we waited in line, got our pictures done, and were given a number to wait for our turn.  Mark sailed through just fine, but I found out that one of my documents wasn't acceptable for a SSN verification (I can't find my card).  I was told that I either have to order a new social security card or get a 1099 form from our financial institution.  We also found out that we had to take a written driver's test.  Mark needed to get back to work (we came in separate cars), so while he started his written test I left to go figure out my 1099 situation.  I called America First CU, figured out the closest branch, called them and talked about what I needed.  They said that there is no way for them to print a 1099 that has the full social security number on it anymore (which is what I needed).  The SSN is automatically truncated for security.  So, I was stuck again.  Luckily the girl I was talking to knew that they only started doing that a few years ago, so she thought of going back to a 1099 a few years prior and bingo - she was able to print a 1099 for 2009 that had my full social security number on it.

I was so focused on getting all these things done that I was surprised when I arrived at the credit union branch to pick up my paper...and saw my brother Josh!  I forgot he worked at that branch!  So, that was fun.

At this point the kids were at the end of their rope.  They had been running errands all day, they were hot and hungry for lunch...a revolt was beginning.  Oh, I know what sounds like a good idea when the boys are like this...take them all BACK to the driver's license division and do that over again and then take a written test while they wait patiently.  Yeah, right.

Instead, we grabbed a bite to eat on the go and drove to Mark's work.  When I explained my situation my mom offered to help out (she was out finishing errands).  So, she headed to Mark's office and while we waited for her to get there (which wasn't long) one of his nice employees (Dani) came down and waited with them in the van and I sped off in Mark's car to finish up with my driver's license.  Once my mom got there she had the smart idea of just taking the boys to her house and leaving me her car.

Things went pretty smoothly (other than the terrible headache that came on while I was there) with the driver's license.  I was glad there were no issues with the form being from 2009.  I walked out with my temporary driver's license, swapped Mark's car for my mom's and headed to pick up the boys.

I got home around 3:30 and we were all exhausted.  Max went down without objection for his nap and I started looking at what we need to do next with this seemingly never-ending checklist of things to do for our homestudy and dossier.  I was feeling a bit burned out and thought that maybe it would help if I vented about or re-capped my day so far.  I am pretty darn tired between so little sleep last night and then wrangling the rascals amidst things today.  So glad for the help I had though - things wouldn't have been possible without it, that's for sure.

Now that I've purged all of that I do feel a tad bit better.  It's better for me to blab here (to a post that likely nobody will ever read once I publish this blog someday) than to want to recap every boring detail to some poor soul.

I can not even imagine how good it will feel to have the homestudy and dossier done and to drop the last item in the mail.  That feels too far away and too close to get it done in time - all at once.

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