Monday, July 29, 2013

A little here, a little there

I just got off the phone with Toni (our AGCI case worker).  We have standing phone call appointment every 2 weeks to answer questions and keep us on track with our paperwork process.  Nothing too interesting from the phone call, but here are a few of the things I've gotten done over the last week:
  • We had the application notarized and mailed in for certified copies of Mark's birth certificate ($69).
  • I received certified copies of our marriage license ($15).
  • I applied for a new social security card (since I lost mine).
  • I found out while at the social security office that years ago when records were made electronic that when my records were entered in that I was marked as a male.  I'm quite sure that I'm not.  My birth certificate even states female on it, but because they couldn't read the numbers on it (it was an original certificate) they couldn't open the system to amend it.  So!  I got to go home, find another certified copy of my birth certificate (which luckily I had) and then I went back another day (to wait over an hour in line again) in order to fix their clerical error.  I didn't want something causing a problem down the road (at immigration or something) when they see that the computer says I'm a male.  So, that got fixed!  The error, not me....I had to correct the worker when he said (loud enough for others to hear) that I needed to get my gender changed.  "Ummm...I'm not changing my gender, but we need to amend the paperwork mistake"  He smirked.
  • I filled out all papers for our FBI background screenings (but I can't submit mine until I have a photocopy of my social security card that I'm waiting on).  I also got the two certified checks ($36.50 each) that we have to submit with our applications.
  • After difficulty being able to print the application with Chinese characters on it, I filled out, notarized, and submitted an application to Taiwan for a background check on me.
  • We had submitted background check information for Iowa and Arizona and have already received back word from Iowa.
  • I spent over an hour on the phone with our health insurance company requesting a letter that states that our adopted child will be covered under our current plan as soon as we take custody of them.  For whatever reason this request blew several people's minds and I got bounced from person to person and placed on hold several times.  Hopefully the letter shows up in the mail.
  • I typed up a letter to distribute with our 4 letter of recommendation requests.
  • We completed our first 2 chapters (and homework) of our first online parent education module.
 So, nothing exciting to shout from the rooftops...but we are making progress a little at a time.

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