Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Just thinking...

I've had baby girl on my mind a lot lately.  Sometimes when that happens I itch to write something here...

I don't really have much new to tell from the last time I posted, but here's what I do have.  On July 27th we attended a picnic for our adoption agency.  We had the pleasure of meeting a family there who is also adopting from Haiti and were leaving the next day to meet their child for the first time!  It was really exciting to talk to them.  They turned their dossier in last summer too, so that was fairly encouraging to us to picture ourselves perhaps at the picnic next year being close to heading to Haiti ourselves (one never knows about timelines with adoption, but it doesn't keep us from trying to figure it out or from hoping).

While we were there Chareyl did say that most likely we would be sent to their affiliated orphanage that had agreed to take our file without a match since they have 4 children leaving soon (meaning they will have spots open for 4 incoming children and a good likelihood that one would meet our parameters).  Chareyl said that she would probably send our file to Haiti within 2 weeks.  Mind you this was 3 1/2 weeks ago.  I'm not upset if she hasn't sent them or anything, but I am curious if there has been any change (if an orphanage took in a child that could be considered a potential match for us) or if perhaps she did send our papers and is waiting for confirmation of them being received to let us know.  I'm anxious for news, but not in a stressed out kind of way (which is normally more my M.O. for those that know me).  I'm actually excited.  Hopeful.  It's just kind of a big milestone to have the papers send off, so I'm excited to know that I'm allowed to be excited about it :)

I sent off an email to Chareyl today just following up on things, so we'll see what she has to say!

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