Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Of course things have been emotional around here, but the last 3 weeks has also turned into an intense amount of information gathering and research.  Googling, message board joining, phone calls, emails, messaging people I don't know and people those people know.  Narrowing things down.  Eliminating and reconsidering.  I feel like when I was in college trying to cram an already full course into a shortened summer semester.  Of course this urgency is self imposed, but I am glad to feel an urgency to move in a direction at all.  With the sorrow and hopelessness I felt the first week I didn't foresee us being able to start seriously considering another direction at all, and now I feel like I am seeing the first rays of hope begin to peek up over the mountain ridge.  I wouldn't say that I am basking in the warmth that is accompanied by confirmed certainty, but those welcomed rays of hope are enough to tell us what direction to at least start walking right now...

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