Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas gift.

Mark loves to make me cry.  In a good way.  He gauges how "good" a gift is that he gives me by if I cry (and how much).

One of my Christmas gifts was addressed to "My girls".  Right when I saw that I knew to prepare myself to fight tears (plus he had video rolling, and his family there while we opened gifts).  That was the first time he'd ever written that.  My girls.  I love the sound of that.

Inside the gift were two Barbie dolls to add to my baby girl stash.  One of the blond haired variety, and another (Princess Tiana) with beautiful dark hair and skin.  Just like this:

Even our boys were excited to see something for baby girl.  "One that looks like mommy, and one that looks like baby girl" Mark added.

I loved it.  I love how thoughtful Mark is, and I love stashing thing away for our precious baby girl someday.

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