Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Papers mailed!

Ta-da!  We had to have one form re-notarized (it was done incorrectly) and finish two last papers after changing home study agencies.  Then today we dropped all the papers in the mail to our agency!!!  Here I am mailing off our packet...

We also paid $4,390 in fees today which makes things feel even more official ;)  Next month we'll pay another $1,950 to our home study agency (for our home study and post placement visits), and then our next lump sum of $9,510 is due before mid-November.  As I've mentioned before, the agency fee (6K) was split between May and November instead of all in May, so November's payment sum is larger than it used to be.  I can't believe that in a short few months we'll be into this nearly $16,000...with lots more to save after that.  This is an expensive process (and kind of our focus right now), but will of course be worth it.

I'm feelin' pretty happy right now.

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