Thursday, October 6, 2016

Knock-out cold with a bright spot

I remember back in college that everyone always seemed to get really sick right after finals. Something to do with our bodies' ability to sustain themselves during periods of extreme stress...and then once the stress is relieved it rebounds into a weaker immune response or something.  I know, I know - that was super medical and stuff (that's Mark's world, not mine).  However!  I'm telling you there is something to all of that.  It seems like as soon as a majorly stressful event passes in my life I always get sick.

Enter my knock-out cold.  The body aches and sore throat are kicking my trash.

With the intense worry surrounding Hurricane Matthew and Haiti...for Haitians in general, but also specifically regarding our child's orphanage and how this will affect us getting her home...I lost sleep and worried myself silly.

Over the last 24-48 hours we've been able to gather more information about the destruction caused by the hurricane.  Things were really bad in the south, and while everywhere had some damage...considering what could have happened I feel like we were blessed.  Seeing updates (and a photo) from the orphanage sent me to my knees weeping with gratitude.  I am not overlooking the long road of repair ahead for Haiti or the many lives lost (count is over 100 now), but compared to the south of the island the Port-au-Prince area was largely spared - for which I am grateful, and I even just got this update from our adoption worker:

"...There will be need for help and rebuilding in the areas of Haiti and other parts of the world that have been hit by the storm, but we are so grateful that more lives were not lost to this storm. I also wanted you to know that as of today all adoption offices in Haiti are open, with the exception of the US embassy, they will re-open next Tuesday. We got a passport for a family just yesterday. One of our families on this email are currently IN Haiti on their socialization visit and they had the social worker interview today, so that is great..."

Hearing this is so encouraging.  Words to soothe my sore and tender soul...just like these fabulous herbal cough drops are soothing my sore and hurting throat.

For now...I'll focus on the soothing.

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