Monday, June 1, 2015

Not in our hands anymore (as if it ever really was)...

So, last Friday I mailed off a copy of our updated USCIS approval to our agency.  Our agency is very close by so they would have received it Saturday or will get it today.

That means that as far as we are concerned we are done with the freakin' paper chase! - Until updates start rolling around I guess...

I have mixed feelings about being done with this part.  It's nice to know that I don't have anything nagging at me that I need to be getting done or following up on, but it's also strange to totally turn over control of the process.  Especially since we've done that once already and that crashed and burned.  BUT then I remember that although I was processing paperwork and felt the weight of things on me...I was still never the one really in control.  I know that He is watching over this whole process and will guide things at the right time.  I'm trying to remember that at this stage while our papers get ready to be sent off to Haiti (to start the whole legalization process there now).

I feel such a mixed bag of emotions at all of this.  Relief, excitement, nervousness, anxiousness, worry (for baby girl and her birth family), curiosity, dependency (on decisions our adoption worker is making prior to sending paperwork off as well as on the officials in Haiti upon receiving our paperwork), faith, longing to have her soon and worry that I'm not ready. we go!

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