Monday, May 18, 2015


Well that was a short high.  I just posted that we received our approval notice from USCIS (which we did), but reading through the fine print on the approval I noticed that in the section that details the age parameters we are approved for it says "age birth through 128 months at time of referral".  It should read "age birth through 18 months at time of referral".

Whoever typed this up accidentally put a 2 in the middle of that number that shouldn't be there.  It's obviously a typo, but I called to see what it will take to get it fixed and reissued and it's after business hours there so I'll have to call tomorrow.  Hopefully it's a quick and easy fix.  I know this will only be the first of likely many things like this to happen...I guess I just didn't expect it at this stage in the process.

Well, it was fun to be excited for a couple of minutes anyway...

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