Sunday, April 5, 2015

Good news!

In addition to receiving the authenticated letter of recommendation from Michigan in the mail AND all our Utah state authenticated documents back in the mail last week...there is even more good news!  Today it was announced during General Conference that a temple will be built in Haiti!  Right in their capitol city of Port-Au-Prince! What a blessing!

Temples are built as holy places to worship the Lord and make promises to Him, and we consider them literally the "House of the Lord" and therefor sacred.  There are currently over 19,000 members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Haiti and this will be their first temple!  I can only imagine the rejoicing on the part of these members of the church.  And, as a family who has already begun to embrace and love the country that our child will come from...we want the best for these people.  We hope that over the years we will see an increase in the Haitian people being able to be more and more self sustaining in every way - physically (with all the various affects of extreme poverty), mentally (particularly with greater access to education), and spiritually (continued growth of the gospel there and ability to attend the temple in their own country and language).  I pray that we may be able to find ways to contribute to those things for our brothers and sisters there, and today we rejoice that the blessings of heaven will be more greatly upon the people of Haiti as a temple will soon open its doors there!

Wonderful, wonderful news!

For those that have more questions about temples and why we build them, read here:

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